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Everyone has felt that moment at least once in their life, the late night hunger that hits you when you least expect it. Whether it be a party at a friends, overtime at work or just being a night owl in general, snacking at 3am in Mississauga might seem like a turnoff for most people because they think there is only a miniscule number of options available such as Tim Hortons or McDonald’s. Although there is nothing wrong with getting a midnight bite at either of the classic fast food restaurants, here is a list of the many options available to sate your hunger in Mississauga!


Mississauga hosts a varied selection of 24 hour supermarkets that may appeal to your inner chef if you want to cook your own late night meal and can also serve their own in house meals if you feel like eating out for the day.


Metro Mississauga

The Metro located on Central Parkway drive and Mississauga Valley Blvd is one that I have visited many times over the past few years. Not only do they have great deals on a vast selection of freshly prepared foods such as their Wednesday Extra Large $10 pizza, they also sell beer! This is a great spot to grab food from if you feel like having a night with some friends.

Rabba Fine Foods

Rabba is one of the most iconic late night joints in Mississauga. With their classic sandwiches from the deli to the fresh daily bread and pastries from the bakery, Rabba offers a comprehensive selection of late night meals that is sure to ease the hunger in any customer. They also cater to all late night preferences ranging from gourmet to everyday snacks such as chips and cookies.


Sobeys Mississauga

Although all the Sobeys in Mississauga are located a little out of the way for most people, they are definitely worth a visit if you are craving a late night snack. They offer great daily deals from their kitchen with a wide variety of food, everything from a rack of ribs to a family sized platter of sushi. Sobeys also offers some great recipes if you choose to buy groceries instead of eating out so be sure to check that out if you are ever in the area!

Town and Country Market

Town and Country Market is a one of a kind spot. They are located in downtown Mississauga and boast a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as-well as over the counter food. Located in the Marylin Monroe Complex, this is a great location as it is in the heart of Mississauga and there are many things to check out. See this list of the Top 5 things to do in Mississauga if you want a quick guide on the must visit locations in Mississauga. If you like Rabba this is a good joint for you to try out as it is relatively similar but located in a better location.


Although supermarkets are a great place to grab a quick bite, they can often fall below the standard you would be accustomed to at a traditional restaurant. Fear not, as Mississauga also has some 24-hour restaurants that may provide the quality you are craving!


Denny's Mississauga

Ever feel like having breakfast food in the middle of the night with no way of buying new supplies with all the grocery stores closed? Don’t fret, Denny’s is open 24 hours a day and is ready to quell your breakfast cravings with pancakes, bacon, milkshakes and much more. Denny’s has great food for a reasonable price that you can enjoy at anytime of the day. Their vast menu allows you to choose from a variety of options, such as seafood, tacos or their classic sunny side up eggs with pancakes topped with bacon and hash browns. Denny’s also has a great value menu with delicious choices that are also filling, like their Classic BLT with potato wedges deal.


Zet’s is a unique little restaurant located right next to Pearson International Airport. They serve “all day breakfasts” as well as gourmet foods like steak and pork souvlaki. Other than the great food and atmosphere, Zet’s has a 24 hour bar. Thats right, you can choose from a great assortment of drinks while enjoying amazing food in this one of a kind diner. Zet’s also has 24 hour catering available for those who would rather enjoy their meal in the solace of their home.

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