Piccante Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Goodfellas Pizza: Mississauga Review

Goodfellas is an Italian restaurant that specializes in authentic Neapolitan-style wood oven pizza, salad, pasta, and other Italian dishes. Goodfellas has 2 locations in Mississauga, one in Streetsville and one near downtown Mississauga (Burnhamthorpe).

Goodfellas first opened its doors in 2013 in Streetsville led by seasoned pizza entrepreneurs Rocco Giovannelli and Rick Taddeo. Giovannelli and Taddeo are known for starting the popular pizza chain Gino’s pizza. Goodfellas just opened their newest location on Burnhamthorpe in May 2019.

Today we will be going over our experience while dining at the Streetsville Goodfellas.


The Streetsville Goodfellas location is located in the heart of downtown Streetsville surrounded by great places like Murphys Ice Cream and Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub. One downside to this location is that there is no accessible free parking so you will need to either pay for parking or make the 5-minute hike from Vic Johnston Community Centre.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is very rustic and clean. The Streetsville location seats 100-150 people depending on whether the patio is open or closed. The walls are plastered with old lanterns, pictures of ‘Italian Mobsters’ and there is a giant wood-burning pizza oven in the center of the restaurant making the visual experience an overwhelmingly positive one.


One slightly negative thing about our experience at Goodfellas was the speed of service. After being taken to our reserved seat, we had to wait around 30 minutes to be served. Although the restaurant was full, a 30 minute wait to be asked what drinks we wanted is unacceptable.


During our visit, we tried the Bruschetta Appetizer, the Margherita pizza, the Piccante pizza, and a pitcher of their Italian beer.

Bruschetta Appetizer

The Bruschetta appetizer we tried was unequivocally great. The Bruschetta consisted of a garlic bread topped with cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, and Italian basil. The flavors of each of the ingredients melded together to create a savory appetizer that left us wanting more! For $14 you get 4 slices that are enough to feed 4 people.

Margherita Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Goodfellas Margherita Neapolitan-Style Pizza
Margherita Neapolitan-Style Pizza

The Margherita pizza we tried was also an exceptional choice to try if you are a vegetarian or if you simply enjoy a cheese pizza. The Margherita pizza is a thin crust pizza that is topped with mozzarella and olive oil. For $16 this pizza feeds one person comfortably.

Piccante Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Goodfellas Piccante Neapolitan-Style Pizza
Piccante Neapolitan-Style Pizza

The Piccante Pizza was the pizza that I personally had and absolutely loved it. The Piccante is a Margherita but topped with hot soppressata (Italian salami) and Italian basil. The hot soppressata really added an extra layer of flavor to the pizza that really put this dish over the top for me. For $20 this pizza feeds one person comfortably.


The prices at Goodfellas are pretty decent if you don’t buy any alcohol. The average price for a person eating a part of an appetizer and their own pizza was around $30 without purchasing alcohol, $45 while purchasing alcohol.


Overall I would recommend giving Goodfellas a try the next time you are craving some good pizza. The decor along with the ok service made our experience there a pleasant one. While ordering, I would keep your eyes on the Bruschetta for your appetizer, and the Margherita or Piccante pizzas for your main dishes. You can expect to pay around $30-45 per person while ordering an appetizer, a pizza, and a drink. Be sure to also book a reservation well in advance as you may need to wait quite a long time if you just show up and they are full.

Be sure to let us know about your experience at Goodfellas Mississauga. Check out our list of the top 8 shawarma joints in Mississauga.

Jehan Wadia

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