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Top 5 Shisha Lounges in Mississauga

Mississauga is a very multicultural city and because of this boasts many different shisha lounges to visit, where you and your friends or significant other can have a great time practicing those perfect smoke tricks and catching up with each other.

For those of you that do not know, Shisha (also known as Hookah) is a Persian word meaning “water pipe” and is commonly used in middle eastern and south Asian countries as a more enjoyable way to smoke tobacco, as it is extremely smooth compared to smoking a cigarette or a cigar (due to it being cooled by the water in the pipe) and can be made with a lot of flavours for a more fun experience. 99% of shisha lounges are dry-tap (no alcoholic beverages are served) but have now begun to offer great dining and drink options during your stay at the lounge.


This list has been decided based on my personal experiences and take into consideration the quality and flavours of shisha available, the dining options available, and the overall atmosphere of the lounge and how enjoyable the visit was. A reminder that anyone visiting a shisha lounge must be 19 years of age or over.

5. Al-Omda Dundas Lounge

Al-Omda has two different locations in Mississauga, I chose to visit the one closest to me in central Mississauga. A lot of friends have vouched for Al-Omda in the past and swear by it, so I decided to try it out. Overall, the experience was not too bad, as the shisha and flavours were great and the service was alright, but there was something to be said about the atmosphere.

When I attend shisha bars it is usually in the evening, and I expect a more laid back, dimly lit lounge and a casual, chill ambiance. Al-Omda has more of a café feel, with a brightly lit lounge with slightly garish furniture. The dining options were decent but leaned more towards café drinks than cocktails. Overall, the shisha lounge is still a great place to stop by with friends but is less intimate than the other four locations in this list, and that’s why I had to give it the number 5 spot.

4. Mazaj Lounge

I had never heard of Mazaj until it popped up on Google Maps one day when I was looking for directions to another shisha lounge. On a whim I decided to check it out and was not disappointed at all.

Mazaj is a great mix of restaurant and lounge and serves some surprisingly good middle eastern cuisine along in a fun colourful space with catchy Arabic music playing. The total amount of shisha flavours was the only thing I found slightly lacking, but the shisha smoking experience was still enjoyable and relaxing. The lounge has over 1000+ google reviews and currently has a 4.3 star ratings, and reviewers frequently mention the great food served here, but also mention long wait times on the weekends, which I did not experience as I visited on a weekday night. The lounge is not too big and the owners would benefit from expanding to meet the ever-growing demand of good shisha lounges in Mississauga. They also serve some extremely good coffee, which is a great way to cap off a night out with friends at Mazaj Lounge.

3. Shishalicious Café

Shishalicious is a great lounge when you are with a group of friends who want to have some serious fun. Shishalicious has two locations in Mississauga but I would recommend the lounge on Dixie, as I have had great experiences consistently there. Shishalicious is exactly what I expect when I imagine a hookah lounge, with great ambient lighting, addictive Arabic music playing, and comfortable booth tables with cool Arabic rugs draped everywhere.

Shishalicious has great shisha flavours available along with ice pipes as well (An ice pipe is an attachment to the hose of the shisha available for an additional price that cools the smoke before it enters your mouth, for an extra smooth smoking experience).

The dining options are also tasty, with great shawarmas and mocktails available. One thing that Shishalicious has that really makes everybody in the lounge go crazy is belly dancers. You read that right, on some nights at Shishalicious you hear the Arabic music turn up to 11 and belly dancers dance around the tables while everybody claps along to the beat, for a really authentic and fun shisha experience that you and your friends will be talking about for days to come.

2. Haze Lounge

Haze Lounge has really made a name for themselves in Mississauga with their prime location on Rathburn right next to Square One Mall. Haze Lounge has established itself as the premier location for shisha and has quite an upscale and luxurious vibe to it compared to other locations, and prides themselves on providing a modern shisha experience for patrons from any culture. The music playing is not Arabic, it’s Canadian Top 40 hits, and the lounge is split in half for dining and shisha (although you can still purchase drinks and food on the shisha side).

The shishas offered are great with pretty much any flavour or accessory you could want available, but the prices are a little steep compared to other locations on this list. The ATM and payment options also leave something to be desired and were a little bit confusing to figure out during my visit there. Haze prides itself on being a modern shisha and dining location and it has been succeeding so far.

1. Fusion Lounge

Fusion Lounge
Fusion Lounge

If I had made this list a couple of years ago Fusion Lounge would not have even made it to the top 5. Prior to renovations, Fusion was an extremely dark and tiny little shisha lounge with a half-decent patio and an out-of-the-way location in north Mississauga. Yet recently, Fusion has undergone a series of renovations that have almost doubled the seating space available, doubled the ceiling height, and doubled the fun.

Shisha In Mississauga

Fusion lounge, in my opinion, now offers the best shisha lounge experience in Mississauga, and is my go-to when meeting with friends. The entire seating space is covered with classy beige marble tile and luxurious chandeliers and has a lot of seating space with large booths and tables available. Pop and rap music plays at an acceptable volume to have a conversation over and the shisha flavours are also plentiful, with great ice pipes and reasonable prices.

Fusion Lounge Fries
Fusion Lounge Fries

The dining options are also quite tasty, with the fries served here somehow becoming some of my favourite fries served in all Mississauga. Ordering a couple shishas between a small group of friends along with fries and some bottled water (shisha smoking can dry out your mouth and throat very fast and tap water is not usually served for free at shisha lounges) is a guaranteed way to have a fun night out in Mississauga at a reasonable price.


These are just five great shisha places that Mississauga has to offer and there are many other great shisha lounges to visit that can also offer a great experience. The JustSauga team and myself will continue to try new places (and revisit our favourites) to make sure you know the perfect shisha lounge to visit to have a good time. If you know of a great shisha lounge that I have not covered on this list, feel free to contact us at JustSauga and we’ll review it immediately to see if it makes the cut and warrants an update to this list!

Varun Shukla

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